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  1. If you're reading this then you've already taken the first step - you've vaguely interested!

  2. The next step is to pick up a free action pack from one of the collection points in Colchester. these are:
    Red Lion Books 
    Firstsite Gallery
    Tourist information centre / Hollytrees Museum 
    The packs contain a mini comic with further encouragement, tips and prompts for the day and some paper to draw your comic on. (Local delivery of the packs can be arranged to those unable to make it to a pick up point, just drop us an email)

  3. The 3rd step is to want to draw a comic, so that when the day comes you're really looking forward to it!  In the build up to the day try to read some comic books - have you got an old copy of Peanuts or a Beano Annual knocking around? search for comics online or in newspapers, start doodling on the backs of envelopes, note down things people say, read a novel. The idea isn't to come to the 24 hour comic day with a fully formed idea, but you can begin to sort of practice your creativity beforehand. The good news is the comic book format is so broad the final creation really can be whatever you want it to be.

  4. The day itself! OK so, its the big Weekend! October 3rd & 4th.  You can choose what time you start, but once pen hits paper the clock starts ticking! 24 hours later you'll have created a 24 page comic.  Good Luck, and Enjoy!

  5. Once you're finished. When the 24 hours is up you’ll have definitely earned yourself a nice cup of tea and a rest. What happens to the comic you’ve created is up to you. Perhaps just the act of doing it was enough. No one needs to ever see it and that's completely fine. However we will be producing a comic to document the event and would love to include as much art work by those who took part as we can. Everyone who took part will receive a free copy of the publication, and we will also be creating an online archive of all the comics people share with us. More information on the logistics of this to come.

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